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ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector

ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector

ICorr Level 1 training, delivered by Corrodere, consist of 100% flexible online core and specialist modules that must be completed by passing a multiple choice test with 100% pass mark. A one day practical and theoretical assessment must then be attended and passed with 70% to achieve the ICorr 1 certificate. Assessment centres are in Farnham, Newcastle, Aberdeen, NSW Australia and Thailand, however our assessors will conduct assessments at company premises where student numbers reach 8 or more.
This course has been endorsed by the Institute of Corrosion in accordance with the ICorr Rec Doc. By achieving this qualification will enable you to work as a fully qualified coatings inspector.

Level 1 personnel are qualified to carry out operations according to written instructions.

ICorr Level 1 certified personnel have demonstrated the competence to:

  • Set up and calibrate specific inspection or test equipment
  • Carry out tests and perform inspections against written criteria
  • Record and classify the results of tests and inspections against written criteria
  • Report the results.

Level 1 personnel have not demonstrated competence in selecting the extent of inspection or testing required, appropriate inspection or test methods to be used, nor for the interpretation of specification requirements.