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Importance of training within the Coatings Industry

Importance of training within the Coatings Industry

The global protective coatings market is experiencing a record explosive growth in new technologies. While this presents unprecedented project opportunities, many fabricators, applicators and engineers are calling for clear industry approved standards that help to ensure higher quality coating installations. Adding to this challenge is a number of social factors, such as an ageing workforce in the more developed economies who may not have qualified younger personnel to replace them. Or the newer emerging economies that are taking advantage of these growth opportunities and, as a result, are adopting many of the existing quality standards from more established regions. MPI Group has responded to this need with a commitment to leading the way in improved protective coatings standards, and it begins with training.

Reaping the benefits
The benefits of having skilled personnel are immediate and measurable. For applicators and fabricators, a highly trained team produces a better quality coatings application from the start, which reduces the risk of costly re-work. This includes proper surface preparation and application techniques, and inspection and safety protocols that mitigate unsafe behaviours and accidents on-site. Greater labour and cost efficiencies can also be achieved by adopting best practices for reducing overspray and waste, while increasing the longevity of application equipment through proper use and maintenance.
For asset owners, consultants and specification houses, effective training results in increased confidence and allows engineers to build more accurate coatings specifications. It also provides the education needed for reviewing and interpreting vendor painting procedures and reports, in order to make informed coatings selections for their projects. These benefits and more are now available to protective coatings customers worldwide through a new training opportunity designed to raise the bar of professionalism, skill, safety and efficiency, while promoting confidence and a competitive edge.

Developed specifically with applicators in mind, the comprehensive Train the painter program is accredited internationally by Lloyd’s Register and fully endorsed by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). These global approvals have already attracted attention to the scheme from major asset owners, oil companies and contracting companies. The scheme also meets the requirements of NACE No13/SSPC ACS-1, which is the joint standard for applicator training. This program will prepare you for SSPC’s CAS, C7 & C12 certification programs.

SSPC Train the painter was developed by respected global marketing research firm, MPI Group, and is based on extensive field data and analysis collected from the global Marine, Offshore, Construction, Petrochemical and Civil protective coatings industries. It is recognised as the most comprehensive training scheme for protective coating applicators available globally. The scheme allows for continued professional development of applicators and recognises the need for training in specialist areas such as thermal metal spraying, fireproofing and waterjetting.

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