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7 Feb 2019

ICorr Coating Inspection course workshop

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Distance learning has major benefits for students wishing to study without impacting their working day. At Corrodere we are acutely aware some distance learning courses can make the student feel a little isolated and we have always offered students continued support during their learning process.

To supplement this we developed workshops to complement the training giving the students the opportunity to work with a qualified coating inspection trainer for the day.

Topics covered include

  1. Basic corrosion
  2. Volume solids and coating calculations
  3. Pre surface preparation
  4. Visual standards (ISO, SSPC & NACE)
  5. Practical workshop including demonstration of all equipment in the practical examination.

The day also factors in time to allow the students to ask questions and also prepares them for the examinations the following day.

David Eyre who delivers many of the courses told us that the most common comment from the students that attend the course is they felt completely prepared and much more relaxed before going in to the exams.

The course is available to any students studying for ICorr level 1 or 2 and individuals not looking to become qualified inspectors but wishing to have a greater understanding of coating inspection.

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