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corrodere offshore industry careers
1 Jun 2021

Offshore industry careers, news and updates

The oil and gas industry has adopted various materials to construct its offshore structures. And, these are often protected with high-performance coatings. Those in offshore careers ensure structures can effectively resist the impact of saltwater, erosion and fluctuations in temperature.

We delve into the industry to find out how to advance in your chosen offshore career.


Completing work on offshore platforms requires careful planning, close co-operation with operators and a coordinated approach. As a result, the Corrodere Academy works closely with companies in the offshore industry. From training providers to painters, inspectors and surveyors – Corrodere trained staff are currently working on offshore projects around the world.


Offshore Painting

A correctly applied surface coatings system can extend an assets lifespan, saving clients time and money. Painting as an offshore career path opens many opportunities. Roles consist of abrasive blast cleaning, corrosion protection and spray painting. As well as many within the marine industry, in order to maintain ships hulls and ballast tanks.

Find out more about our Train the Painter courses here.


Careers in surveying

A coating survey is required to investigate the condition of a coating on an offshore platform. Firstly, surveyors can be required to develop a maintenance painting specification and ensure compliance with guarantees. Secondly, to evaluate coating performance as an aid to specifications for future projects.

Any offshore platform survey has to be done with the co-operation of the operator, who will organise appropriate transport to and from the structure. Also, a surveyor must be fit and healthy and not afraid of heights! Importantly, complete Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. Plus, hold other appropriate certifications.


Now, find out more about Surveying and Inspector courses here


Top tips to advance your career in the offshore industry


1 – Know the industry

Keep abreast of news updates, new projects and developments in products and procedures. For instance, the recent Able Seaton Port development. This is becoming the largest offshore wind farm in the world, creating hundreds of jobs in the area.


2 – Commitment

Show your commitment to the industry with determination and drive. Whether it’s with further training to reach a higher pay grade, or increasing your skill set. No matter if you are just starting out, or at the top of your game, make sure you continue to develop. Branch out, learn more and encourage the next wave into the industry.


3 – Certifications and training

Yes, experience is key, but recognisable qualifications do matter. Importantly, having an ICorr, SSPC or Lloyd’s Register accreditation on your CV could put you ahead of other candidates. Our Marine and Offshore Coating Inspector course is accredited by LLoyd’s Register.


4 – Know your lingo

Can you tell your ISO from your HSC? Would you be confused with a DWOP?

So, brush up on important lingo to advance your offshore career.


What next?

To find out more about working in the offshore environment, or to book onto any Corrodere courses, get in touch.



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