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Tools App

TTP-Tools App

Trainthepainter have developed a brand new free App to support you in the workplace. The App will assist you with conversions, coating breakdown, pre-surface preparation, spread rates and surface area calculation

There are 2 ways to download the App:

1. Search for “TTP-Tools” to download the App onto your Iphone or tablet

2. Click here to download the App onto your Android phone via Googleplay

If you and your team are yet to register with us, our Trainthepainter applicator programme has been created for:

  • Corporate Companies wishing to deliver unlimited applicator training worldwide to clients, customers and staff.
  • Affiliate Organisations representing the Trainthepainter programme through the delivery of the applicator training on our behalf to registered companies and individuals.
  • Registered Companies train a trainer in house or use Affiliate Organisation training services to train their team of coating applicators.