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Programme Membership Options

Associate Company

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  • For companies that wish to join the SSPC Train the painter scheme
  • Training conducted by Affiliates


Registered Company

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  • Registered companies are typically contractors involved in surface preparation and coating work
  • They undertake in-house training with at least one approved trainer


Affiliate Organisation

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  • Affiliate organisations are training providers who conduct training and assessment on behalf of companies and individuals


Global Affiliate

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  • Global affiliates are international organisations who deliver unlimited training worldwide to organisations and individuals
  • The SSPC Train the painter website is white labelled to meet the Global Affiliate’s training needs


Training and Certification Registration

  • Register to the SSPC Train the painter Programme as:
    • Associate Company
    • Registered Company
    • Affiliate Organisation
    • Global Affiliate
  • Train a trainer by attending a scheduled Train the trainer course
  • Ensure suitable facilities for both theoretical and practical training are in place
  • Trainers deliver SSPC Train the painter training to Trainees, Applicators, Sprayers and Blasters using the advanced interactive online training programme or offline with the SSPC Train the painter App
  • Apply for appropriate Certificates of Training Completion and ID cards from the Corrodere Support Office
  • Undertake SSPC’s C6, C7, C12 and CAS Levels 1 and 2 Certification programme