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1 Jun 2021

NEWS – TTP meets NORSOK M-501 spec

Train the painter has been certified to meet the NORSOK Standard M-501 specifications by Lloyd’s Register


lloyds register NORSOK M501

The course has been independently assessed against the contents of:

• NACE/SSPC standard Practice for industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification Certification (SSPC-ACS-1/NACE No. 13) and has been found to meet the requirements of that standard.

• Section 10.2.2 of NORSOK Standard M-501 regarding the qualification of Paint Operators and has been found to meet the requirements of this section.

• This assessment is dependent on the training being provided by approved trainers that have passed the Corrodere’s trainthetrainer course and additionally meet the experience requirements specified, and that the required practical training has been provided to and satisfactorily completed by all attendees in addition to the theoretical training.


So, to find out how this could benefit your business, get in touch with the Corrodere team.

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