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19 Jun 2018

Additional Train the Inspector Courses – Marine and Offshore Coating Inspector – Lloyds Register

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Train the Inspector are pleased to announce the new Marine and Offshore Coating Inspector course accredited by Lloyd’s Register.

Although some principles of coating inspection remain the same, it will benefit to have an in-depth and specific understanding of Marine and Offshore coatings to deal with coating processes in the most naturally aggressive environment for corrosion.

This course, written by professionals within the Marine and Offshore industry will provide inspectors with greater expertise in how and why procedures can differ from alternative environments.

The Marine and Offshore industry is vast and requires knowledgeable qualified Marine inspection experts to ensure that the coating of these multi million pound projects is completed correctly. Accredited by Lloyds Register, this course is designed to provide an inspector with the specific knowledge, unavailable through any other coating inspection training programme.

This extensive course is delivered through the Corrodere online training platform and includes detailed information including Marine surface preparation, all the way through to inspection and documentation.

Students all over the world are benefiting from the opportunity to complete the multiple choice final assessment at their local Colleges, Universities, British Embassy’s and other professional environments.

For more information about this globally recognised inspection course or the new SSPC Pipeline Coating Inspector, SSPC Fireproofing Inspector, Hot Dip Galvanising Inspector and Insulation Inspector contact Luke on t.01252 732234 or e. luke@corrodere.com







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