Specialist coating courses

These advanced Coating and Corrosion Control courses have been written by, and meet the demand from, Coating Specialists worldwide.

The Corrodere Academy’s specialist coating courses are the first of their kind anywhere in the world, specialising in Coating and Corrosion Control, Coating Surveying, Corrosion Management and Corrosion Under Insulation. These advanced courses are written by internationally renowned industry experts and have been comprehensively reviewed by relevant industry bodies. Reach the top of your career and get ahead of the curve by exploring our courses below.

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This course focuses on practical work and is very useful in the field. It allowed me to increase my knowledge and capabilities, and is definitely worth recommending to others.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the help from the Corrodere team in accessing the training platform and booking the exam was amazing; it was greatly appreciated. Having previously attended and studied numerous courses relating to the corrosion protection of steel structures, I can definitely say I have gained transferable knowledge and skills I can now apply to all aspects of my duties in the field, not just when completing coating survey activities. I couldn't recommended this course more to any Inspector wanting to "level up"
Warren Wilson
[The Coating Surveys course] is a very nice refresher on the difference between the ISO/ASTM and European standards for failure allowance. I see it playing a big role in warranties and guarantees which is something I just started developing for asset owners when we repair their ships.
Marcus Ashburner
The course provides an extremely thorough overview of this complex topic. If coating surveys form part of your day to day activities then I would strongly recommend that you find out more.
Simon Daly, CUI & High Heat, Hempel
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