Frequently Asked Questions

Why is training in the coatings industry important?
The Coatings Industry is calling for clear, industry approved standards that help to ensure higher quality coating installations. It is the consistent application of these standards that is key and it begins with training. The Corrodere Academy has responded to this need with a commitment to leading the way in improved protective coatings training.

Proven documentation of a competent workforce gives organisations a technical edge when applying for registration on approved contractor lists and quoting for contracts; minimise technical, safety and quality control issues on site.
Why train online?
Online training gives you the flexibility and convenience to learn from home, work or on the road. You decide when and where. Online training enables you to start a new course in just a few clicks and employers can save on travel costs and training expenses.

What’s more, studies show that engaging, interactive, online training can increase learner retention to greater than 70% and the immediacy of online training means that all courses are up to date, ensuring accuracy and relevancy for each trainee.
What organisations accredit or endorse the courses from the Corrodere Academy?
Our list of accreditations will provide you with the reassurance that all of our courses are comprehensively reviewed to the highest standards by professional organisations and regulatory bodies within the coating and corrosion control industry.

The Institute of Corrosion (ICorr); Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC); Lloyd’s Register; Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS); The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC); The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA); The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS); DNV-GL; Building Research Establishment (BRE); The Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association (TSSEA); The Water Jetting Association (WJA).
How can I verify that an applicant has a qualification from the Corrodere Academy?
You can click on ‘Student ID Verification' in the header of the website to verify a student's qualifications.
What is your policy for cancelling a training course?
Please see our cancellation policy.
Does the Corrodere Academy have any Government Funding / Discounts or scholarship programmes?
Yes. Please email with details of your enquiry.
How do I access my test results?
Train the Painter students and those studying our Special Coating Courses can check the progress of their course and their results by clicking on the relevant course portal from the home page header. Students of Train the Inspector courses should contact
How can I retake an exam or secure an extension on my course?
Extensions are available for some of our Coating Inspection Courses and you can apply to re-take an exam. Fees apply for re-takes and extensions. Please contact for further information and application.
What is the duration of the courses?
The duration of study varies depending on the course. Please see individual course pages in the course directory for further information.
What is the cost of the courses?
The cost of each course varies depending on the level and complexity. Please see individual course pages in the course directory for further information.
I applied/enrolled and haven’t heard anything – who can I contact?
Please contact the Corrodere Academy on +44 1252 732236 or and we will be happy to help.

Train the painter FAQs

Which organisations specify Train the painter?
Highways England; Network Rail; Ministry of Defence; NORSOK M-501; US Navy; Saudi Aramco; EDF Energy; BNFL; Conoco Phillips; Shell; Total; BP.
How do I apply to study for a Train the painter qualification?
There are two routes to study for a Train the painter Qualification:
(i) with an Affiliate Training Provider
(ii) with a Global Registered Company
What is an Affiliate Training Provider?
Affiliate Training Providers deliver the Train the painter programme to internal staff and external customers in a specific country. Find an Affiliate Training Provider near you.
What is a Global Registered Company?
Registered Companies deliver the Train the painter Programme to internal staff only in their country. See a list of Global Registered Companies.
Can I study online?
All of our courses are currently (February 2021) available to study online. Please see the course directory for further information.
Is the Train the painter programme delivered in the classroom or online?
The Train the painter programme is available in the classroom and online. Please contact your Training Provider for more information.
What languages are the courses available in?
Train the painter courses are available in multiple languages and can be accessed globally.
Are there any practical applications/demonstrations of the course content?
A number of the courses have practical application workshops or on-site demonstration. Please see the individual course pages for further information.
How can I find out if my employer is a Global Registered Company?
How much does membership cost?
Please see the fee schedule for more information on membership costs for Affiliate Training Providers and Global Registered Companies. For course fees please contact an Affiliate Training Provider for more information.
What is Train the Trainer?
Train the Trainer is a two-day course which any company who wishes to become one of our training providers must undergo. The completion of this course is what makes them an approved training provider, and it ensures that there are suitable facilities for both theoretical and practical training.
What are the pre-requisites for Train the Trainer?
The Trainer must have a Level 2 coating inspection certificate or 5 years Coating Applicator, Supervisor, Manager or Inspector experience.
How do I access the course content?
The student portal for all of our courses can be accessed through the Student Login link which is located at the top right hand corner of the website.
How do Affiliate Training Providers access the marketing materials for the courses?
What are the minimum entry requirements for Train the painter?
If the operative has less than 1600 hours of on-site experience an Orange Trainee card will be issued. Where the operative has more than 1600 hours of experience a Bronze card will be issued. Both of these cards are recognised by CSCS as part of the CSCS Alliance Scheme, which Train the painter is a member of.
Why do I need a CSCS card?
CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. The Scheme keeps a database of people working in construction who have achieved or are committed to achieving a recognised construction related qualification.
Which CSCS cards do I need?
Please see the CSCS website for all the CSCS card available.
How do I get my CSCS card?
Attend a Train the painter or Train the inspector course. On successful completion of the course you will be issued with your qualification and a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.
How do I replace a lost or stolen card?
Please contact at the Corrodere Academy to replace your CSCS card for £50.
How many years is my CSCS card valid for?
5 Years
How do I renew my CSCS card?
Your card will be renewed for another 5 years after completing the online refresher course.
Can I apply for a temporary CSCS card?
Yes. You can apply for a temporary CSCS card if you can show evidence that you are enrolled onto a suitable course within 6 months of applying for this card. The temporary card is non-renewable.
Is my CSCS (CRO Card) still valid?
The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has withdrawn the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card.
What does this mean?
• CSCS stopped issuing CRO cards from 31st March 2017
• CRO cards issued since 1st October 2015 will expire on 30th September 2017*
CRO cardholders must take further steps to replace their CRO cards before they expire. If you are a coating inspector requiring an alternative to your CRO card please contact the Corrodere team for your options.
Is Train the painter the same as ICATS?
The Corrodere Academy is the home of Train the painter - the world’s leading, industry-recognised and fully accredited Industrial Applicator Training Programme. Our globally accredited training programmes have been written and developed by industry experts and our sole aim is to raise standards throughout the industry worldwide and help our students LEARN, DISCOVER and SUCCEED.

Coating Inspection Courses FAQs

Are multiple course packages or discounts available?
Discounts are available for bookings of 2-5 courses. The Multiple Course Packages page has further information, or contact
What are the minimum entry level requirements for Coating Inspection courses?
The entry level Coating Inspection course is the ICorr Coating Inspector – Level 1. To enrol on this course, you need to provide proof that you have 12-months of coating or painting industry experience.
How do I access the course content?
The student portal for all of our courses can be accessed here.

Coating Inspection Final Assessment FAQ's

Do I have to complete the online training programme before taking the final exam?
Yes. Students must complete the online training and pass all the end of unit multiple choice tests with 100% before taking the final exam.
How do I book onto the final assessment?
You will be sent an instruction email on completion of the online training. For ICorr assessments you will need to go to our website for exam dates (which you will find under the calendar) and then contact to reserve a place on the chosen date.
Does the Corrodere Academy offer any revision guides or tips?
Yes. There is an assessment guideline document that will be sent to students when they book their final exam, along with example questions. We cannot supply past papers.
How does the online practical workshop work?
The online practical workshop is delivered through Zoom. All students log in for the day and the Lead Trainer will demonstrate the use of the inspection equipment from their training room.
What does the practical assessment consist of?
The practical examination asks the student to demonstrate competence in using basic inspection equipment. The candidate will be required to show an understanding of how and where such equipment would be used by the paint inspector. The practical assessment is 60-90 minutes in duration.
How is the final assessment completed?
The final exam is conducted online using a record and review programme - Questionmark.
How do I know if I have the right equipment for the online tests?
Students must use a PC/laptop with a working webcam and microphone and have a strong, reliable internet connection - this must be good enough to allow the viewing of HD videos without interruption.
Can I use a dictionary or Google translate?
No. There is a spell check facility on the online assessment programme.
Is the online exam closed book or open book?
All exams are closed book exams.
How many words do I have to write for the essays and do spelling mistakes count against my final result?
Written answers should be concise and answer the questions clearly, giving as much detail as possible. Bullet pointing your answers is fine. There is not a word count limiting the number of words required to answer the question. Spelling mistakes do not count against your final mark.
I qualify for additional learning support, am I entitled to additional time?
Yes. You will be entitled to 20% of additional time.
Can I take a notebook in?
Can I take a calculator in?
No, there is a calculator provided on screen via Questionmark.
When do I get my results?
It takes up to 28 working days for your exam paper to be marked then you will be notified by email with your exam results.
What happens if I fail?
You are able to apply to resit the exam papers you failed. There is an exam resit fee due. Exams must be retaken within 90 days.
1-2 papers - £150
3-4 papers - £275
When will I get my certificate/ID card?
Your Certificate and ID card will be sent to you within 8 weeks of you passing the final exam.
What happens if I need to change my final exam date?
There is a cancellation fee due. Classroom cancellation / non-attendance fees:
15 to 29 days - £150.00 +VAT
14 days and under - £275.00 +VAT
There is an admin fee for online assessment rescheduling. This applies to assessments attempted with insufficient technical requirements and/or unstable internet connection - £50.00 +VAT
Do assessments cost extra?
The exam fees for our courses typically range between £65 and £125. Upon enrolment the exam fee is usually included. However, to clarify your specific payment details, please refer to your invoice.

Questionmark Guidelines

What is Record and Review Proctoring?
Record and Review Proctoring is the service that Corrodere Academy have had approved for students to use to take their final assessments online. It analyses test delivery in real-time, and can provide us with detailed reporting that flags potential cheating or other threats to the integrity of exam results.
What is recorded when a participant takes an assessment?
Record and Review Proctoring can record a participant’s webcam video, microphone, desktop/screen, and web traffic during the assessment.
What types of behaviour are monitored?
The system will monitor keystrokes, browser resizing, copy/paste, new browser tabs or windows being opened, or any enabled accessibility mode to circumvent the software. Video is analysed to detect participants’ eye and head movements and identify when multiple faces are present. Ambient noise levels can be analysed to flag potential unauthorised help from others, and will be monitored throughout the exam to detect any changes that fall outside of whitenoise and warrant review. Wearing of headphones is strictly prohibited during exams.
What browsers are supported?
Participants taking an assessment must use Google’s Chrome browser with the Proctorio extension installed. You will be directed to add the Proctorio extension when we send you your log-in details. For students residing in China, or anywhere else where Google Chrome is not supported/available, Microsoft Edge can be used as an alternative.
Why do I need photographic ID?
Record and Review Proctoring will prompt you to hold your photo identification to the webcam prior to beginning the assessment so that we can check it is the right person taking the exam. Once the system captures a photo of the ID, the participant is allowed to commence the assessment. The system will flag assessment results in which the scanned ID may be suspicious and warrants human review.
How do I know if my computer meets the technical requirements?
You must have a reliable fixed line internet connection; do not use a cellular hotspot. System diagnostics are performed on the participant’s device to ensure compatibility and that the device settings and hardware such as the webcam, microphone and screen sharing are properly enabled.
What are the technical requirements for the participant’s device?
Browser: Chrome with Proctorio Extension (or Microsoft Edge if Google Chrome is not available)
Operating System: Windows - Windows 7+ / Mac - macOS 10.11+
Processor: Windows - Intel Pentium or better / Mac - Intel
Free Disk Space: 250 MB
Free RAM: 2 GB1
Upload Speed: 0.092 Mbps - 0.244 Mbps2
Microphone: Any Microphone, either internal or external
Webcam: 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external
Record and Review Participant Instruction Video

To enlarge video click the middle icon on the right-hand side

Specialist Coating Courses FAQs

What pre-requisites do I need to have before enrolling on a Specialist Coating Course with the Corrodere Academy?
There are no pre-requisites when enrolling on the Corrosion Management course. However, many of the other Specialist Coating courses require extensive industry experience or qualifications to Inspector level. Please see individual course pages for further information.
How do I access the course content?
The student portal for all of our courses can be accessed through the link on the header navigation of the website.
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