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15 Mar 2019


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One of the hottest topics in the marine and protective coating industry is certification of applicators. For many years it has been a requirement for inspectors to hold accredited 3rd party certification such ICorr, SSPC or NACE level 1, 2 & 3.

Training for applicators has been available for many years but no training scheme met the requirements of ISO17024.

Corrodere are now able to offer the following certification through SSPC

  1. C6 – Surface Preparation and Paint Application for Power Tool Cleaning Operators and Brush and Roll Paint Applicators Certification
  2. C7 – Abrasive Blast Certification
  3. C12 – Spray Applicator Certification

The applicator is assessed against the standard by an independent proctor. The examination is made up of both a theoretical and practical elements.

The SSPC C7 and C12 certification programs meet the United States NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 Requirements.

Highways England through NHSS19A is making certification of applicators mandatory from 2020 so the timing of this scheme could not have been better. For further details regard certification contact Lucy Pavia


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