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"Our mission is to produce and continually develop professional accredited online and classroom-based training courses in the use of protective coatings for corrosion control”

How the Corrodere Academy can help propel your career forward

Welcome to the Corrodere Academy, a place to LEARN, DISCOVER and SUCCEED in your chosen protective coatings career. As a globally accredited provider of renowned corrosion and coating courses for the global coatings industry, the Corrodere Academy are proud to deliver outstanding and high-quality teaching with excellent customer service. Our commitment to you is second to none and with our vast range of experience across our expert training team of professionals, you can guarantee that any course you enrol at Corrodere will leave you wanting to learn more to take you that much further in your chosen career.

Established in 2007, the number of accredited courses offered globally by the Corrodere Academy has increased 10-fold. As we develop as a company and expand our global network, we are only growing stronger as we partner with an increased number of credible partnerships giving you the reassurance that our courses are supported and reviewed by only the highest standards. We have developed a number of world-first training programmes and qualifications specifically for Train the Painter Coatings Applicator course, ICorr Accredited Coatings Inspector course and Protective Coatings Specialist. As we continue to add to our coatings course calendar and enrich our service to you, we work with our team to bring new innovative courses to the Corrodere calendar. We hope that these will be of interest to any budding coatings specialist, novice or expert.

Learning with the Protective Coatings Specialists

Our vast array of flexible theoretical courses are delivered online, through distance learning or in the classroom. Where necessary, practical training is also available allowing students to demonstrate their competency and skills. At the Corrodere Academy, we are proud to say that all of our training courses, whether online or distance-based, lead to formal qualifications which are recognised throughout the coatings industry allowing students to progress within their chosen careers. Our hard-working team are always updating our course and training material which complies with industry standards and as a result, lifts the bar towards your future giving you that edge over the competition.

The Corrodere Academy is here to help you LEARN, DISCOVER and SUCCEED within the Protective Coatings and Corrosion Control industry. So, what are you waiting for? Download a prospectus and start learning with us today!

As a new business, we wanted to ensure that we had the best practices in place from day one, and our employees have a clear route of training and progression, as well as giving our clients the confidence in our capability and competencies. The Train the painter programme with Corrodere is the perfect fit, as it allows us to train our staff accordingly and promote within; ensuring employee satisfaction and retention, along with a high quality end product for our clients every time.
Ryan Gibson – Dart Industrial Services Ltd
Buckingham Coatings are dedicated to providing our people with the highest possible standard of training, this allows us in turn to deliver outstanding results for our customers. We are pleased to be working with Corrodere Academy.
Chris Hall – Buckingham Coatings Ltd
Perfectly presented course and an extremely knowledgeable trainer! Well spoken and any issues/questions were explained professionally. I would 100% recommend this company! Fantastic job guys, thanks again.
Allen – HC Technical Consulting and Contracting Services Ltd
This course focuses on practical work and is very useful in the field. It allowed me to increase my knowledge and capabilities, and is definitely worth recommending to others.
I would just like to express my sincere thanks to you for all the help and direction provided to me on the ICorr Coatings Inspector Level 1 journey! I found the Training platform extremely informative and the Practical Workshop had a very strong impact in preparation for the final Exam. I look forward to continuing my association with the Corrodere Academy to achieve additional inspection certification.
Tony Hayes
The SSPC Insulation Inspector course is very informative and easy to learn. Assessment is course related. I would fully recommend to those who don’t have access to attend class in UK - Kok Oon Wong, November 2021
Kok Oon Wong
Very pleased with the content of the course. The flexibility of studying allowed me to continue with my work commitments I have been in the protective coatings industry for 35 years and the content and detail within the course had me glued to the screen. Very informative.
Wayne Waller – ICorr level 2 – March 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the help from the Corrodere team in accessing the training platform and booking the exam was amazing; it was greatly appreciated. Having previously attended and studied numerous courses relating to the corrosion protection of steel structures, I can definitely say I have gained transferable knowledge and skills I can now apply to all aspects of my duties in the field, not just when completing coating survey activities. I couldn't recommended this course more to any Inspector wanting to "level up"
Warren Wilson
Well recommended to anyone who wants to further their personal development in the (coatings) industry from their own home or workplace……It was so good I have booked another two courses
Lenny Harkins
Extremely well-presented set of courses, with a written exam upon completion. In today’s climate you get asked more and more for separate qualifications, these course’s meet and exceed the expectations of most experienced Coating Engineers, and company requirements.
Rob Wilson
I would particularly like to thank all involved in the delivery of the Corrodere Academy Coating Inspector Courses on behalf of the Institute of Corrosion. This last year has been the most successful so far
John Fletcher, Previous President at the Institute of Corrosion
I found the practical (workshop) before the assessment day to be very useful as it gave me the chance to ask questions and communicate with a vastly experienced trainer, rather than reading material over and over again.
Stuart Kowalik, Taziker Industrial
[The Coating Surveys course] is a very nice refresher on the difference between the ISO/ASTM and European standards for failure allowance. I see it playing a big role in warranties and guarantees which is something I just started developing for asset owners when we repair their ships.
Marcus Ashburner
The course provides an extremely thorough overview of this complex topic. If coating surveys form part of your day to day activities then I would strongly recommend that you find out more.
Simon Daly, CUI & High Heat, Hempel
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