You can deliver the Train the painter programme as an independent training centre or internally to Operatives within your company

Whether you want to set up a training centre, deliver the training in-house or find out more about the benefits of offering further services to clients and staff, select the type of membership which suits you best…

Affiliate Training Providers

Deliver the Train the painter programme to staff and external customers in a single country.

Affiliate Training Provider Annual Membership fee – £2,500 per country


  • Fantastic business opportunity with high earning potential
  • Assist in raising standards across the industry
  • Access to central marketing and sales resources
Become an Affiliate Training provider
Join our global network of approved training providers to help us raise standards within the coatings industry and take advantage of many opportunities to grow your business.
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Become a registered company
Upskill your team of Coating Operatives to meet global standards and specification requirements.
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Registered companies

Deliver the Train the painter programme to staff only in a single country.

  • Registered Company Annual Membership Fee: £1,000 per country


  • Deliver accredited training internally
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Demonstrate a commitment to high quality workmanship


See our full Registered Company Directory here.

Specified by:
EDF Energy
Saudi Aramco
US Navy
National Highway Sector Scheme
Royal Dutch Shell
Network Rail
Ministry of Defence
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