Corrosion Under Insulation course

Course overview

This Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) course emphasises the importance of proper maintenance and asset integrity management to decrease ongoing expenses. With Corrosion Under Insulation being a primary cause of asset degradation, it can result in significant financial consequences for asset owners.

  • CUI is responsible for 40-60% of all piping maintenance costs
  • Over 80% of piping leaks occur in diameters smaller than 4″
  • CUI is associated with the lengthiest plant maintenance closures.

Our corrosion under insulation course has been developed by industry experts, providing valuable insight into corrosion and its prevention, as well as fireproofing and inspection of assets. The course covers all aspects of CUI, including inspection and management techniques, to significantly decrease asset and pipeline maintenance costs.

Enrol onto our CUI course to learn more about corrosion under insulation and gain valuable knowledge and training in CUI inspection and management.

Accredited by:

Course content

  • Introduction to CUI
  • Why CUI Occurs
  • Corrosion Fundamentals
  • Forms of Corrosion
  • Engineering Materials
  • History of Insulation
  • Introduction to Insulation
  • Design Considerations to Minimise CUI
  • Conducting Insulation Surveys
  • Coatings for CUI
  • Introduction to Thermal Metal Spray
  • CUI Detection Methods
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Standards and Industry Best Practices

Study time

24 hours of online study over a 12-month period, followed by a 45-minute monitored multiple choice final exam

Course fee

£595 + £75 examination fee + VAT


Certificate of Achievement as a Corrosion Under Insulation Specialist
Accredited by Lloyd’s Register
Certification valid for 5 years

Career prospects

On completion of this course, students will have a detailed understanding of the CUI process to insulated and fireproofed structures. The course will provide students with industry knowledge on how to manage CUI with inspection and detection methods.

Following this course, students should be considered for careers in insulation and coating systems used for the protection of structures and the specific testing of products.

Entry criteria

There are no prerequisites to attend this course; however, personnel attending the course would benefit from:
• Painting Inspection qualification
• Insulation Inspector qualification
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