Thermal Metal Spraying Inspector

Course overview

Correctly applied thermal coatings will offer corrosion protection in excess of 25 years. The process of applying the metallic coatings to specific quality requirements is critical to the overall performance.

This thermal metal coatings inspection course has been designed for experienced Coating Inspectors who wish to gain a thorough understanding of the correct use of thermal metal coatings. The specific quality control testing of the surface preparation, application of the metallic coatings and final inspection techniques.


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Course content

  • Introduction to thermal metal spraying
  • Health & safety
  • Pre-surface preparation
  • Surface preparation
  • Application methods
  • Flame spray
  • Arc spray
  • Inspection of thermal metal spray
  • ISO 14918
  • ISO 2063

Study time

8 hours of online study plus a 45-minute monitored multiple choice final exam

Course fee

£595 + VAT (if applicable)


Thermal Metal Spraying Inspector Certificate of Achievement. Valid 4 years.

Entry criteria

Recognised Coating Inspection Certificate.
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