Thick Film Intumescent Coating Application course

Course overview

Thick film intumescent coatings have long been used in the protective coatings industry particularly in the offshore oil and gas sector to protect structure against hydrocarbon fires. The course has been developed to assist in the understanding and improvement of applicators skills specific to this type of material. The course was developed in conjunction with industry experts and many of the major paint companies.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Health and safety
  • Paint materials
  • Airless spray equipment
  • Plural component spray
  • Thick film intumescent coatings
  • Passive free protection - engineering
  • Passive free protection - application

Study time

2 days

Assessment centres

Course fee

Contact a training centre near you for further information on course content, duration, price and availability.

Career prospects

Oil and gas sectors

Entry criteria

Train the painter Bronze card or equivalent.
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