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With the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) being globally recognised, Coating Inspectors may require an ICorr Coating Inspection certificate in order to meet the on and offshore specification requirements around the world. ICorr also recognises the similarities between the Coating Inspection programmes available and are confident a qualified Inspector that has studied through an alternative training provider should be of a high enough standard to achieve the equivalent ICorr Inspection Certificate.

Recognised Coating Inspection Certificate held ICorr Coating Inspection Certificate achieved by transition Transition exam time
Frosio 1
ICorr 1 1 hour online assessment (40 multiple choice questions)
NACE 2 & 3
Frosio 2 & 3
BGAS 1 and 2 (with 24 months inspection experience)
BGAS site coatings inspector
ICorr 2 1.5 hour online assessment (40 multiple choice questions)
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Course content

  • We at the Corrodere Academy have created a simple online transition process, approved by ICorr, for qualified Coating Inspectors to achieve this additional coating inspection Certificate of Achievement.

Study time

Students are given one month's access to the online training material for revision purposes before attempting the online multiple choice transition assessment.

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Course fee

£350 + VAT (if applicable)
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