Looking at New Innovative Ways of Delivering Training

Posted on April 30, 2020
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Coronavirus has made us look at not only how we can deliver training but also how we examine the outcomes of the training delivered. We at the Corrodere Academy are looking at new innovative ways of delivering the best possible training experiences.

As we entered a new decade I’ve had time to reflect on the amount of change in our industry and its direction. Health and safety improvements have and will continue to be a key driving force, this has been assisted by the quality of training now available at all levels and disciplines. The biggest change however has been asset owners specifying that only trained applicators in all disciplines can carry out works. This gives them the assurance that the applicators have the key skills required to carry out the works to the standards in the specification and deliver a good quality job. At the start of the decade this was only available for Industrial coating applicators, paint sprayers and abrasive blast cleaners. At the end of the decade industry has demanded continual development of courses in other key areas such as High pressure water jetting, Thermal metal spraying and Marine coating application. This has meant working with learned bodies in these industries to deliver training that not only satisfies the client but also delivers on understanding key standards and good working practices. For their help and commitment we thank the Water Jetting Association, Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association and the Ministry of Defence without them the task would have been almost impossible.

Fire can have a devastating effect on people’s lives and the requirements for passive fire protection on buildings and petrochemical structures has never been more important. Most of the coating manufacturers have some training for applicators who apply thick film intumescent coatings for protecting structures against hydrocarbon fires but none have any for the application of thin film intumescent coatings for cellulosic fires. As we move into the next decade we have worked with coating manufacturers, The Association for Specialist Fire Protection and the Building Research Establishment and have structured training programmes to satisfy the needs of this growing sector of our industry.

I’ve only touched on applicators but the range of new, specialised inspection courses which allow inspectors to widen their skills set and expand their understanding in areas such as Insulation, thermal metal spraying and galvanising. This continual development will of course lead to better standards being achieved in our industry.

My thought for the next decade are that we will all embrace applicator certification to compliment the training we already have in place. Courses will evolve and more will be developed, we will continue to strive for excellence and recognition that being a coating applicator is a profession. At the Corrodere Academy we will play our part in ensuring this happens.

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