New grit recovery unit

Posted on November 20, 2015
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Airblast Eurospray has launched the AbVac Grit Recovery Unit, a portable abrasive recovery unit capable of removing anything from dust up to 50mm debris.

Available with a wide range of flexible hoses, tools and extensions, this powerful suction unit allows operators to recover spilt abrasive quickly and efficiently, without the back-break of manual recovery. This helps to improve health and safety and reduce labour costs.

The recovered abrasive is automatically collected into a Big Bag ready for disposal. Alternatively, the unit can be combined with an abrasive storage hopper to allow recovered abrasive to be fed back into the blast machine and reused. Silos are available in several sizes to feed up to four blast machines.

The AbVac unit offers a range of features including automatic Big Bag filling, 16.5 or 25kW power alternatives, CEE power intake for 32 or 63 A respectively, a filter system for dry or moist material, automatic ATM filter cleaning system without compressed air, complete start-stop control system and various options of safety filters.

The AbVac is specifically designed to offer maximum transportability with its compact design, retractable legs and forklift sleeves that allow it to be picked up and moved easily. This makes the unit ideal for mobile use as well as fixed installations, as it is able to access most areas where cleaning needs to be carried out, increasing media recovery rates usually limited by long runs of hose.

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