How to set up a training centre

It's as easy as 1,2,3.
Become an Affiliate Training Provider and offer your customers the most comprehensive package of training modules ensuring safety, efficiency and professionalism in the treatment and application of protective coatings. Deliver the Train the painter programme, to internal and external customers in one country only.

Step 1: Appoint a trainer

Trainer Pre-requisites

The internal trainer must meet the following pre-requisites to qualify as a Train the painter Trainer:
  • NACE CI Level 2
  • Frosio Level 3
  • SSPC PCI Level 2
  • ICorr Level 2
  • 5 years’ relevant experience in the protective coating industry.
Trainers must attend the 2 day Train the Trainer course to qualify via the online training platform. Only the trainers have access to the training platform.

Click here for more information on Train the Trainer

Step 2: Equipment requirements


Checklist specific to individual task
  • Needle gun
  • Hard wire brush
  • Mechanical wire brush (spare brush heads)
  • Disk grinder/rotary grinder or sander
  • Scraper
  • Chipping hammer
  • Compressed air/electrical supply (as necessary)
  • Heaters (if required)
  • De-humidification (if required)
  • Lighting (direct and in-direct)
  • Washing unit (variable sizes)
  • Steam cleaner (if applicable)
  • Solvent (washing) rags
  • Blasting equipment (blast post and associated equipment) – variable sizes available
  • Spraying equipment (spray pump and associated equipment) – variable sizes available
  • Abrasives
  • Paint/solvents
  • Abrasive paper


  • Individual panels for Protective Coatings Applicator
  • Group panels for Protective Coatings Applicator, Abrasive Blast Cleaner and Spray Painter
  • Misc panels

Blast Chamber/Cabinet

specialist blast cleaning module
  • Blast chamber that will allow the student and trainer access (3m x 6m minimum)

Spraying Facilities

Specialist spray painting module

The spraying should be conducted in an environment suitable for coating application in a safe manner that allows access to the student and trainer. This could be a spray booth (3m x 3m minimum) or a paint shop with suitable flooring, lighting and extraction.

Group Panel

Individual Panel


Classroom based
  • Classroom must be a suitable size to accommodate the number of trainees attending the course
  • A laptop/PC to access the training material
  • Suitable audio/visual equipment. This may be either a projector and screen or individual monitors for each trainee
  • A good surface for taking notes and for theoretical assessments
  • Notepads and pens
  • Adequate refreshments should be available throughout the duration of the course
  • Lunch facilities
  • Adequate parking available for the number of trainees attending
  • Joining instructions, location of the training facility and access via public transport
  • A list of local hotels and B&Bs to suit all budgets should be provided with the joining instructions
  • Toilet facilities

Step 3: Register your interest

We would like to keep in touch to update you on our products, services and offers. Please let up know if you would like us to contact you by selecting one of the options below:

Schedule of Fees

Affiliate Training Provider Schedule of Fees

A Company or individual can train within a specific country both internally and externally to registered and non-registered companies and individuals. Certification can be conducted externally. For internal Certification, an independent Affiliate would need to be used.

Joining Fee £250
Annual Fee £2750
Audit Fee £750 per site (All Train the painter members will be audited upon registration and every 3 years thereafter)
Train the Trainer Fee £750+VAT
Certificate and ID card table of fees


Level Price
Bronze (Applicator only) £100
Silver* (Applicator + Paint Sprayer OR Abrasive Blast Cleaner) £150
Gold* (Applicator + Paint Sprayer + Abrasive Blast Cleaner) £200
All card renewals after 5 years £100

* When upgrading the level of your qualification the incremental certificate fee becomes payable.

An Orange trainee certificate and ID card will be issued to those students that have completed the appropriate training but do not yet have the required 1,600 hours practical experience to be issued with a full Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate/ID card. On Submission of the Competency form, confirming the pre-requisite practical experience, a new ID card will be issued.

VAT to be added at prevailing rates where applicable.

To deliver the programme to internal and external customers in more than one country as a Global Affiliate Training Provider please contact us.

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