A Christmas present from the Corrodere Academy!

Posted on December 12, 2022
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This December you can receive 15% off our Corrosion Management course, leading to a more sustainable future.

Within 12 months you can become an expert in corrosion, corrosion engineering and integrity management in the hydrocarbon industry with the following skills –

  • Fully understand and appreciate the corrosion management concept and its implementation process
  • Be able to develop a corrosion management strategy and implement it across the required asset(s)
  • Determine corrosion control matrices and corrosion key performance indicators
  • Optimise both integrity and corrosion costs
  • Enhance corrosion failure preventive capability

Enrol on the Corrosion Management course here

(15% discount valid on bookings before December 31st)

Why corrosion management is important

The importance of corrosion management became evident in the mid-nineties within the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry due to the number and extent of corrosion related incidents and failures, as well as their associated costs steadily increasing. The immediate diagnosis was that corrosion was neither adequately or efficiently controlled and mitigated.

Simultaneous applications of corrosion engineering and corrosion management became indispensable for any hydrocarbon asset, and in particular throughout the operational stage of an asset’s lifecycle. Applying corrosion management has many benefits, most importantly corrosion failure pre-emption and corrosion cost optimisation.

This qualification will set you apart, providing you with the very best in asset management for sustainability and saving your company millions – making you a highly valuable member of any team.

Why And, if you’re still wondering why you should study with the Corrodere Academy…

  • ConvenienceE-learning allows you to learn from home, work, and on the road.
  • ImmediacyOnline training enables you to start a new course in just a few clicks. Once successfully completed, you will receive a printable certificate over email.
  • Affordability According to studies, you can save 50%-70% of training expenses due to the elimination of travel costs.
  • Flexibility – You decide when it is convenient to study. First thing in the morning, late at night, at the airport, offshore, no problem!
  • Adaptability – Online classes benefit different learning styles, allowing you to work at your own speed.
  • Better Retention – Studies show that engaging, interactive online training can increase learner retention by more than 70%.
  • Relevance – All courses are up to date, ensuring accuracy and relevancy for each trainee.


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