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Posted on February 11, 2022
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Journey of an apprentice


Starting at the bottom of the ladder may be daunting, but becoming an apprentice is the most important step anyone can take on their career journey. Our Training Director, David Eyre, did just that. Starting as an apprentice applicator, he learnt the basics, worked the tools, and developed a drive and desire to progress in the industry.

The skills developed as an apprentice are vital building blocks. So, by working with Skills Training UK, we are helping to give students the opportunity to gain that enviable knowledge, and to develop the basic practical skills they may not even know they had.

David Martin, Training Consultant at Skills Training UK says:

‘It has been a busy start to 2022 for the Industrial Coating Applicator apprenticeship scheme. We have had a great deal of interest in the scheme with numerous new enrolments up and down the country. The new apprentices are from various industry sectors and there is news of more of them in the pipeline that are expected to join us shortly.’


Why chose a career as a Coating Applicator?

Ultimately, structures will always corrode. Simple. Having the skills to solve a problem which is in high demand, has global opportunities and spans multiple sectors, are great skills to have. Coating Applicators are called upon in shipping, petrochemical, marine, offshore, road and rail networks and more, with companies spending millions every year to protect their most valuable assets.

But the role doesn’t stop there. Many Coating Applicators go on to work in research and development, paint manufacture, coating surveys and even in technical sales and management roles. This job isn’t just a means to an end, but a real opportunity to develop a life-long career, whichever avenue you choose.


Our apprentices

Currently several of our apprentices have already passed their Train the painter ICA theory examination with flying colours. They will shortly be taking their practical assessments to achieve their bronze card and take a step further towards completing their apprenticeship.

David Martin continues to say, ‘The recent apprentice newcomers are enjoying the informative course material, presentations and practical skills being taught to them by our industry leading experts. Our apprentices are soaking up the knowledge and learning the skills of the trade fast.’

Having the ability to learn through exploring, accompanied with the knowledge and support of an experienced mentor, gives apprentices invaluable lessons which they can take with them throughout their career.


What next?

Ultimately, our Train the painter scheme is recognised globally by employers as producing dedicated, safe, and effective Coating Applicators. So, should you want to travel the world, branch out, or begin your own company, starting out as an apprentice should be the first step on your Coating Applicator ladder.

If you would like to become an ICA apprentice, don’t hesitate to find out more and come and join us. There are companies around the UK, waiting for apprentices today.



To find out about starting a career as a Coating Applicator apprentice, or to enquire how to join Train the painter and take on an apprentice, check out our website.

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