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Posted on April 3, 2023
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Robust and long-lasting, DAF trucks are renowned worldwide for their reliability and high performance. A small part of this reputation is down to Hempel’s waterborne Beltidra 2C Topcoat, which protects the trucks’ chassis and axles from the environment.

DAF Trucks NV is a technology company and one of Europe’s premier commercial vehicle manufacturers. Its light, medium and heavy-duty trucks offer second-to-none reliability and fuel economy – and the company is committed to driving down emissions throughout the road transport industry.

Chassis and axles take more punishment than any other part of a truck. Close to the road, they are exposed to almost continual impact from stone chippings – and a scratch in the paintwork may lead to corrosion.

To protect these parts in all weathers and driving conditions, they need a high-performance coating system that can withstand even the harshest treatment and most extreme temperature fluctuations.

The Netherlands-based DAF Trucks has been using Hempel’s coatings for over 30 years to ensure its vehicles remain attractive and corrosion-free for their entire service life. A key coating on each truck is Beltidra 2C Topcoat.

A waterborne polyurethane coating, the Beltidra 2C Topcoat cures very quickly. Once applied, it ensures a smooth and glossy surface that’s highly resistant to impacts and abrasion. The coating also has the lowest co-solvent content in its class, an important consideration for DAF, which is determined to lead the industry towards cleaner and greener road transport.

The challenge

During operation, truck chassis and axles are exposed to a wide range of corrosive conditions, from high heat and extreme cold to corrosive engine oils and impact from loose stone chippings and other road debris.

DAF trucks are renowned for their reliability. Therefore, DAF needs a high-performance coating system to protect these parts from whatever the road throws at them. At the same time, DAF is keen to reduce its impact on the environment, and so needs a waterborne coating system that will reduce emissions during application. Finally, the coating system needs to be easy to apply and fast curing to ensure DAF’s high-tech production line keeps moving quickly.

The solution

DAF has been using Hempel’s coatings for over 30 years, and in that time Hempel has worked closely with DAF to co-develop various products to suit their production line setup, desired application properties and finished quality requirements.

Beltidra 2C Topcoat is a result of this collaboration. A waterborne polyurethane coating, Beltidra 2C Topcoat is the perfect choice for chassis, axles or heavy-duty trailers. It ensures high chemical resistance and excellent resistance to scratches from stone chippings and other debris.

Designed for fast application, it can be applied with different application techniques, airless spray or airmix and cures in just 30 minutes at 60°C. It also has a co-solvent content of less than 65 grams per litre, the lowest in its class, which keeps production line emissions down.

For DAF, a key benefit of Beltidra 2C Topcoat is its flexibility. It can be used combined with the Beltidra primer in a two-coat system. It can also be applied on a wide range of substrates, including e-coated parts, powder coated parts, epoxy and alkyd primers. It gives all substrates the same glossy colour finish, which has enabled DAF to reduce its stock levels and coating complexity.

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