Introducing our Powder Coatings course

Posted on October 6, 2023
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Corrodere Academy introduces a new Powder Coatings course to the Train the painter programme

The coating industry is continually evolving, with advancements in technology and materials pushing the boundaries of what is possible. To ensure that professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices, continuous training and upskilling is essential. Recognising this, we are rolling out our latest offering: the Powder Coatings Course. This is part of our renowned Train the painter programme, designed to raise industry standards across the globe.

The Advantages of Powder Coatings

The powder coatings sector has seen tremendous growth and innovation in recent years. Powder coatings are used globally in numerous industries and the advantages include:

Environmental Friendliness: Unlike traditional liquid coatings, powder coatings emit zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them environmentally friendly, contributing to reduced pollution and safer work environments.

Cost-Efficiency: Over-spray from powder coatings can be retrieved, screened/cleaned and reused, resulting in nearly 100% usage of the product. This cuts down on waste, making the process more cost-effective.

Durability: Powder coatings are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion, chipping, abrasions, and weathering. Their hard finish is tougher than conventional paints, ensuring long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

Thicker Coatings: Unlike liquid coatings, it’s easy to apply thicker coats using powder without the risk of runs or sags. A consistent, even coating can be achieved.

Uniform Finish: The electrostatic application process ensures that surfaces have a smooth and consistent finish without the appearance of brush strokes.

Wide Range of Finishes: From high-gloss to matte, and textures from smooth to rough, powder coatings offer a broad spectrum of finishing options, catering to various aesthetic and functional requirements.

Quick Turnaround: Due to the nature of the application and curing process, products coated with powder coatings are ready for use or shipment more quickly than their liquid-coated counterparts.

The application of powder coatings can be an automated or manual electrostatic process.  Articles can also be dipped in fluidised beds.

Incorporating these advantages into your operations can offer businesses a competitive edge, not just in terms of product quality and longevity but also in eco-responsibility and cost savings. The move towards more sustainable and efficient solutions like powder coatings is not merely a trend but a forward-thinking approach to modern manufacturing and finishing processes.

What is the Powder Coatings Course?

At its core, the Powder Coatings Course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and training in this field of advanced coatings. From the basics of surface preparation to the intricacies of application techniques, this course offers a comprehensive look into the world of powder coatings. Participants will gain experience and become well-versed in the latest technologies, materials, and methodologies.

Training with the Best

Corrodere Academy’s reputation as a global leader in the corrosion and coatings training sector is well-established. Train the painter programme is globally recognised, ensuring that every graduate (student) is equipped with the skills and knowledge that meet international standards. The Powder Coatings Course is no exception. Crafted by industry experts, the theoretical course content ensures a well-rounded educational experience.

This Powder Coatings course is delivered through Train the painter Registered Companies and Affiliate trainers. Whether you’re looking to upskill yourself and your team or offer external training, the Powder Coatings Course is the perfect platform for growth. Register your interest for the course and be notified when its available, or get in touch with Lucy for more information.
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