Sasol employees qualify as ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspectors

Posted on August 21, 2023
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Sasol employees are the first in South Africa to qualify as ICorr level 1 coating inspectors with training from the Corrosion Academy and IRT Training


11 metallurgists from Sasol have successfully completed our ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector course, marking the first delivery and completion of this course in South Africa.

Understanding the intricacies behind surface preparation and implementation for plant and vessel works is crucial, not just understanding the technical know-how, but also upholding a standard of excellence in every operation. The ICorr level 1 training was identified as an ideal means to arm Sasol’s professionals with this knowledge.

The training process was largely through our online training platform with in-person training and assessments completed with Jaco Terreblanche from the Corrosion Academy. All 11 students passed the course and are now qualified as level 1 coating inspectors.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the experience:

“I think the ICorr course is an excellent and valuable course to attend. The learning material was easy to understand with visual pictograms which helped a lot especially if you are new to the coating industry.”

Beyers – ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector student

“The ICorr Level 1 Coating Course, through their detailed course material and illustrative videos, was very insightful. The pace of reading over the 12 month period was good as I could read on both my laptop and cell phone with ease of access to the material and videos. There was quite a bit of repetition of some of the information in various Units slides, which worked in my favour later on as I was revising for my exams. During the 3-day practical and exam the Instructor was very helpful with clarifying my questions.”

Sophy – ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector student

“The course was packed with lots of reading however was very insightful. The assessments at the end of every module helped put everything into perspective as well as assisted one to prepare for the on-line exam. The benefit of having studied metallurgy also assisted with understanding of why different coating systems are selected especially on modules dealing specifically with corrosion. The course was an eye-opener with regards to surface prep and key elements leading to a coating system failure. One has also developed a greater appreciation of various codes and standards applicable in the coating industry. So I definitely recommend it for all engineers involved in integrity issues and inspectors.”

Sipha – ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector student

Following the unprecedented success of our inaugural ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspector course, Sasol is already mapping out plans to enrol additional team members in this groundbreaking program. This initiative is a testament to Sasol’s unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional development. It also reaffirms their dedication to ensuring that their staff remains at the pinnacle of the coating industry.

For those interested in similar career-enhancing opportunities, our Train the painter program is another excellent avenue to explore. For any questions or clarifications, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or get in touch with the team.

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