Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

The Train the Painter applicator programme must be delivered by an Approved Trainer employed by a Registered Company, Registered Affiliate or Global Affiliate.


The Trainer must have completed our scheduled Train the painter 2-day trainer course and ensure they have suitable facilities for both theoretical and practical training in place.

They must have a Level 2 Coating Inspection certificate or 5 years Coating Applicator, Supervisor, Manager or Inspector experience.

Trainers deliver Train the painter training to Trainees, Applicators, Sprayers and Blasters using the advanced interactive online training programme or the Train the painter App.

Trainers can apply for appropriate Certificates of Training Completion and ID cards from the Corrodere Support Office on behalf of students. Trainers require additional approval to deliver the Supplementary courses.

Course fee: £695 +VAT

Registered Companies and Affiliate Training Providers should select an appropriate employee based on them meeting the pre-requisites set out below:

Pre-requisite to becoming a Trainer:

  • NACE CI Level 2
  • Frosio Level 3
  • SSPC PCI Level 2
  • ICorr Level 2
  • 5 years’ relevant experience in the protective coating industry.

Trainers must attend the 2 day Train the Trainer course to qualify via the online training platform. Only the trainers have access to the training platform.

The training platform contains the following information to support our Trainers:

  • Comprehensive training units with video, voice over and animated support.
  • Training handout notes for all units.
  • Documentation for the Train the painter training programme.
  • Instructions on how to download the Train the painter App
  • Update notifications
  • Theoretical and practical assessment materials and guidelines.
  • Links to corrosion and coating societies/organisations.
  • Trainers tools – Conversion, spreading, coating breakdown, glossary, coating defects, abrasive and pre-surface preparation

View the demo training platform here

The training facility must meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure a risk analysis/assessment is available for the practical assessment
  • Ensure (when using coatings, solvents etc) that the products have been assessed and control measures are in place (COSHH or equivalent)
  • Ensure the correct level of PPE and RPE is available to the student
  • Ensure the plant and equipment are safe to use and (where applicable) tested/certified for use
  • Ensure the test plates are suitable as per the practical assessment guides (or the alternative live structure, if this meets the requirements)

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Learning Resources: Applications

TTP Tools App

TTP have developed an App to support you in the workplace. The App will assist you with conversions, coating breakdown, pre-surface preparation, spread rates and surface area calculation.

The App is an ideal working tool for personnel in the protective coatings industry.

TTP Log Book App

This TTP Log Book App is a comprehensive platform that allows companies to monitor and manage all their Applicators and Supervisors, pull up reports and view the progress of all employees in the field as they progress.

The user updates the App by inputting the hours per activity and has them approved by a supervisor. The App will accumulate the task activities so the employer/supervisor can monitor and assess any training requirements.

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