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Benefits of Online Training

Benefits of Online Training

For busy people who have a desire to enhance their current skills or improve their chances for professional advancement, there is an opportunity to reach such goals that is at their fingertips: online training. The advantages of such instruction make it an attractive alternative to traditional classroom experiences, and below are some of the reasons why.

  • Convenience. Balancing the demands of work and home alone is not an easy task. E-learning allows you to learn from home, work, and on the road.
  • Immediacy. Online training enables you to start a new course in just a few mouse clicks. Most online training courses award you a certificate that can be downloaded or emailed to you for printing after you have successfully completed the course.
  • Affordability. According to studies, companies save 50%-70% of training expenses due to the elimination of travel costs.
  • Ease of Use. Open your Internet browser and click away to a certificate in time management, negotiation, etiquette, and many more effective courses.
  • Flexibility of Hours. You decide when it is convenient to complete these courses. If you can’t get it done until late at night, no problem! You make your own schedule for online training.
  • Adaptability. Online classes benefit different learning styles. Working by yourself allows you to work at your own speed. You can study material you have trouble understanding and review exercises as needed.
  • Better Retention. The average learner’s retention can be as low as 10% when listening to a lecture or reading material. Studies show that engaging, interactive, online training can increase learner retention to greater than 70%.
  • Relevance. All courses stay up to date, ensuring accuracy and relevancy for each trainee.
  • Customization. Most applications are customizable. The reporting tools are also customized to suit the company. Specialists determine what components are most important and provide easy ways to gather the exact data needed for grading.
  • Quality. Every employee sees the same material and is tested in the same way. Individual learners are tracked and potential problems can be identified and dealt with.

While online learning is not the answer for every situation, its reach and affordability cannot be denied.