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1 Apr 2020


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Corrodere Academy in partnership with Skills Training UK are proud to announce our Industrial Coating Applicator apprenticeship.

The training platform allows apprentices to undertake all of the technical learning on line which means they do not need to be near a college who offer the apprenticeship. This has been particularly important to one of the first companies to sign apprentices to the scheme the Hankinson Group ltd in Birkenhead on the Wirral. Stephen Hankinson, Chairman of the group commented

David Horrocks, Chair of NHSS19a Highways England and the Professional Development Training Committee for The Institute of Corrosion commented on the news that Corrodere and Skills Training UK were delivering Industrial Coatings Applicator Apprenticeship programmes around the UK:

After several years of hard work Chairing the NHSS19a training committee, along with an ‘employer group’, The Industrial Coatings Applicator Apprenticeship standard was approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education committee in December 2018. Since the launch initially took place in January 2019, a training provider and college engaged in a collaboration that would see the Apprenticeship programme finally getting off the ground, this was a fantastic achievement and I personally felt a sense of enormous pride in getting this to a level that would eventually see the coatings applicator apprenticeship bolster an aging workforce already showing signs of decline due to market demand.

Corrodere in conjunction with Skills Training UK, have seen that with their programme they can offer apprenticeship training to a wide range of candidates with no restrictions on their geographical position, this is great news and allows the apprenticeship programme to be delivered in the work place. Between Corrodere, Skills Training UK and ‘other’ training providers currently offering the Apprenticeship programme, I am delighted to see this shortage of skill set is now being addressed, it’s a proud time in my career and an area of corrosion protection I feel passionate about, I will continue to support the Apprenticeship and wish Corrodere all the best in this new adventure.

For further information contact Lucy Pavia +44 1252 732223 or lucy@corrodere.com

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