Abrasive Blast Cleaning course

Course overview

After building up your knowledge on the Protective Coating Applicator course, take this two-day abrasive blast cleaning course to further specialise your skillset. This Painter Blaster course provides you with both the theoretical knowledge, as well as a day of practical experience to become qualified to work using multiple blast media.

Accredited by:

Course content

  • Health & Safety
  • Blast Media
  • Standards & Quality Control
  • Operational Procedures
  • Process Control

Study time

2 days in person training or online followed by one day of practical training

Assessment centres

Course fee

Contact your local Train the Painter Accredited Training Centre for further information on course content, duration, price, and availability.


Upon completion of this Train the Painter Abrasive Blast Cleaning Course you will receive a Silver 'Abrasive Blast Cleaning' CSCS 5-year ID card and Certificate of Completion.

Career prospects

Industry specifies that Operatives working on road, rail, nuclear, marine and oil and gas programmes all attain professional training and certificates.


SSPC/NACE Standard ACS- 1/NACE No.13 NORSOK M-501 ISO17024

Entry criteria

If students hold less than 1,600 hours of experience - an Orange Trainee CSCS card will be issued.

If students hold more the 1,600 hours of experience - a Silver 'Abrasive Blast Cleaning' card will be issued.
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