Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating & Inspection course

Course overview

Fires are a threat to human lives, safety, and the structural integrity of buildings. It is therefore essential to incorporate effective fire protection measures into architectural and structural designs.

These measures include a wide range of fire protection systems, encompassing both active and passive methods, to safeguard lives and property.

This knowledge empowers personnel to contribute to the design and engineering structures that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also equipped to withstand the formidable challenge of fire. Together, we aim to enhance safety, protect lives and preserve the structural integrity of the built environment.

This course benefits individuals requiring a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of fireproofing application and inspection.

For our Level 2 accredited Fire Protection Inspector course see here.

Course content

  • Health and safety
  • Principles of fire protection
  • Characteristics of passive fire protection
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Duties of the Fireproofing Inspector
  • Conditional surveys
  • Product literature and training
  • Dry film thickness

Study time

16-24 hours of online study, complemented by end-of-unit assessments.

Course fee

£295.00 - Course Fee

Plus 20% VAT if applicable


Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating & Inspection Certificate of Completion.

Career prospects

This course equips individuals to contribute to safer building designs and practices, addressing concerns about fire safety and its impact on life and structures.
It helps professionals navigate complex fire safety regulations, ensuring compliance and enhancing their expertise in fire protection.
It equips professionals with versatile skills applicable across roles in health and safety, quality assurance, and structural maintenance, opening doors to diverse career opportunities.

Entry criteria

No entry requirements
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