ICorr Coating Inspection
Level 2 course

Course overview

This ICorr Level 2 course is designed to equip inspectors with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their role effectively in the coatings industry. Inspectors are expected to liaise between parties and observe surface preparation and coating activities. This ICorr accredited course focuses on the responsibilities and duties of an inspector, and the importance of ensuring work is completed in accordance with specifications to obtain a high-quality paint job.

The course covers the key principles of the “A-D-R” approach: Assessing the quality of works, Documenting and recording all activities, and Reporting any anomalies or coating issues. Inspectors are required to have knowledge of surface treatments, including in-house and on-site facilities, and should be aware of potential difficulties in working within these environments.

Overall, the ICorr Level 2 course provides inspectors with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to carry out their responsibilities effectively and contribute to the success of coating projects.

Accredited by:

Course content

  • The Fundamental Coating Inspection units covered in Level 1
  • Corrosion, Cathodic Protection and Coatings
  • Marine Coatings and IMO PSPC
  • Design and Construction
  • International Standards
  • Quality Management
  • Paint Testing
  • Soluble Salts
  • Specialist Tests
  • Coating Surveys
  • Environmental Unit and more.

Study time

ICorr Level 1 Corrodere Academy students
40 hours of online training followed by a 1-day online assessment.

New Corrodere Academy students
80 hours of online training followed by a 1-day online assessment.

Assessment centres

Conduct your final monitored assessments conveniently online, accessible from any location worldwide.

Course fee

£1,275.00 - Course Fee
£175.00 - Online Exam Fee

Plus 20% VAT if applicable.


ICorr Level 2 Coating Inspector Certificate of Achievement, valid for 5 years.

Entry criteria

ICorr Level 1 Coating Inspection Certificate and 24 months of coating Inspection experience after Level 1 qualification.
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