Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applicator

Course overview

Thorough and correct training in Thin Film Intumescent Coating saves time, money and ultimately lives!

As part of the Globally recognised Train the painter programme, an independently accredited training course for Thin Film Intumescent coatings has been developed to meet industry standards and expectations. Developed with input from industry experts and associated bodies creating a market leading accredited Thin Film Intumescent coatings course. All aspects of surface preparation and application of the internationally used products will be covered using both practical and theoretical methods.

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Course content
  • Fire protection design
  • What is intumescent coating?
  • Fire protection of steel work
  • Types of free specifications
  • Coating methodology
  • Coating failures
  • Surface preparation and priming quantities
  • Wet & dry thickness
  • Coating types and mixing
  • Drying times and top coats
  • Equipment
  • Environmental conditions
  • Finishing
  • Quality documentation & risk assessments
  • Intumescent coating specification
  • Study time
    1 day course (Train the Painter Certificate as a pre requisite) or 3 day course.
    Assessment centres
    *link here to the training centre map*
    Entry criteria
    Train the painter Bronze card for the one day course.
    No pre-requisite for the three-day course.
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