WG Beaumont welcomed to the SSPC Trainthepainter programme

Posted on October 11, 2016
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W.G. Beaumont of Romford, Essex. UK are the next to join the movement of companies registering to the SSPC Trainthepainter programme.

With the advanced theoretical and practical training, its recognition as a CSCS blue skills card and an ever expanding list of specifications it is featured in, W.G. Beaumont did not think twice about joining this internationally accredited coating applicator programme to reap the benefits.

‘Joining the SSPC Trainthepainter programme has allowed us to update and broaden our operative’s skill set and holding the SSPC Trainthepainter certificates will be hugely beneficial to us. They will simply transition from ICATS to SSPC Trainthepainter over two days of theoretical and practical training for all the material not previously covered. We are excited to be part of this advanced progressive coating applicator training programme’ Tom Costello Jnr, Project Manager. W G Beaumont. October 2016

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