Industrial Coating Applicator
Skills Development Programme

Encouraging new talent into the industry

To develop and encourage new talent to the industry, we are proud to introduce the Industrial Coating Application Skills Development Programme.

We are providing our guidance, expertise and years of experience to assist our Approved Trainers with mentoring and training.

Our mission is to ensure these trainees are well-prepared, both in terms of Health & Safety and competence, as they enter the industry.

Trainer responsibilities
• Deliver the Train the painter theoretical training and/or monitor the Trainees online training progress keeping them to the agreed schedule
• Monitor the Supervisor’s input on site to ensure the trainee is given the correct practical guidance and experience
• Meet regularly to ensure the training requirements are being met.

• Conduct regular assessments to ensure Trainees understand what they are learningSupervisor responsibilities
• Ensure the Trainee is allocated the time required to complete the theoretical training

• Monitor the working hours recorded via the TTP Log Book app

• Ensure Trainee gains broad practical experience as per the guidelines suggestedProgramme
Pre-Requisites: Open to all ages and no previous experience required.

Duration: A guideline of 6-12 months is recommended

Theoretical Training: Access to the online Train the painter programme will be available to the Trainee for the full 12 months. The TTP Approved Trainer also has the option to deliver the theoretical training face to face if preferred.

Practical Training: The TTP Approved Trainer will deliver the practical training to the Trainee in accordance with the practical training guidelines associated with the Train the painter programme.

Mentoring: An assigned supervisor will mentor the trainee and use the TTP Log Book App to record and monitor the trainee’s progress.

The trainee must complete all online multiple choice assessments throughout the online training programme or in the classroom with the Approved Trainer. Upon completion of the theoretical training the trainee will complete a final theoretical assessment and a practical assessment with their designated Trainer.End Point Assessment (optional)
The end point assessment (EPA) will consist of a final review of theoretical assessments and Log Book progress and a peer review with an independent 3rd party assessor. The Assessor will grade the trainee with the 3 following outcomes:
• Fail
• Pass
• Pass with distinction.End Point Assessment Fee – £250.00
The trainee wherever possible, should undertake the recommended minimum hours per specific task.The overall minimum number of practical working hours logged to complete the training, are as follows:
• Protective Coating Applicator – 1600 hours
• Abrasive Blast Cleaning – 800 hours
• Spray Painting – 800 hoursTTP ID Cards

Once the minimum hours have been logged and the TTP theoretical and practical assessments successfully passed, TTP ID cards (approved by CSCS) will be issued.
• Protective Coating Applicator = Bronze
• Protective Coating Applicator + Spray Painting or Abrasive Blast Cleaning = Silver
• Protective Coating Applicator + Spray Painting + Abrasive Blast Cleaning = Gold

The assessor’s decision will be final and the appropriate award will be made.

Train with our Skills Development ProgrammeCourses are delivered through our Train the painter registered companies.

Our Skills Development Programme is a cost-effective route to train your new and existing painters to achieve relevant industry accreditations. And we can help you take advantage of new Government incentives.

  • Employers can use their CITB Levy pot to fund training
  • Claim a refund of up to £520 per student

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