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SSPC Insulation Coating Inspector

SSPC Insulation Coating Inspector

Insulation materials are used extensively in the chemical, petrochemical, offshore and marine industries. They are used primarily to preserve heat loss, mitigate ice formation, reduce noise levels and to protect the workforce.

Insulation materials can be found in many forms including mineral wool/glass, foam glass and rubber amongst many others and are designed to perform specific functions. Prior to insulating an asset the surface is generally prepared and coated with a suitable material. An assets life expectancy can be as long as 50 years hence inspection of the preparation, coating and insulation at both the new build and maintenance stages is critical to ensure long term protection.

Corrosion under insulation or CUI is becoming an increasing problem on older plants and is costing industry large sums of money to either repair or in extreme cases replace the asset.

The SSPC insulation inspection course has been developed to give coating inspectors, plant and maintenance inspectors and engineers a greater understanding of the complex industry.

The course covers many subjects including insulation systems and materials, coatings systems used under insulation and the industry standards and specifications. Emphasis is also placed on the duties, roles and responsibilities of the insulation inspector.

The course contents include:

  • Insulation materials and types
  • basic corrosion and corrosion under insulation
  • QA/QC
  • Insulation design
  • standards and specification
  • Insulation application
  • conducting insulation surveys
  • duties of the Insulation Inspector

The course includes high quality videos, animations, innovative training techniques and handout notes.

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Level 1

For access to the online course material.

No pre-requisite entry criteria required.

On completion you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Level 2

For access to the online course material, online assessments plus a final closed book multiple-choice examination.

To enrol on this course you will need:

  • A recognised Coating Inspection Certificate.
  • A copy of a training certificate if you have received training from your employer (or independent training provider) on insulation coating inspection and a signed letter from your supervisor that you have undertaken this training.
  • A signed letter from your supervisor confirming you have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as an Insulation Inspector of thermal insulation on industrial structures

On completion you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement

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