Corrosion Under Insulation course

Corrosion Under Insulation

This Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) course emphasises the importance of proper maintenance and asset integrity management to decrease ongoing expenses. With Corrosion Under Insulation being a primary cause of asset degradation, it can result in significant financial consequences for asset owners. CUI is responsible for 40-60% of all piping maintenance costs Over 80% of piping […]

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Coating Surveys course

Are you ready to take your coating expertise to the next level? Enrol on our online course today and become the standout leader in the field. With this Coating Surveys course, you’ll journey from understanding the essentials such as the European Scale of Rusting and Estimation of Percentages to mastering advanced techniques such as Dry […]

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Corrosion Management course

corrosion management

Corrosion Management is an essential skill that is employed after the Corrosion Engineer phase of designing and erecting, to prolong the life of an asset or structure. You will learn how to Pre-Empt, Mitigate, Control, and Treat corrosion whereby you can provide your services to save asset owners on huge maintenance losses! As a Corrosion […]

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