Brendan Fitzsimons

Posted on November 13, 2020
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Having spent over thirty years within the protective coatings industry, Brendan has worked as Divisional and Technical Director and Technical Authority for major multinational organisations such as Pyeroy. Wood, Stork, Barrier and Jotun Paints.

Brendan was instrumental in establishing the Corrodere Academy and it is his wealth of knowledge that has been poured into our accredited training material. Qualified to the highest level, it has always been Brendan’s vision to pass on, not only his knowledge, but that of his highly experienced network of peers. His aim is to continue to develop the industry and see it grow from strength to strength.

Acquiring the highest level qualifications within the industry including MSc Master’s Degree, Material Engineering, CSci Chartered Scientist, NACE Protective Coatings Specialist and NACE Corrosion Specialist, Brendan is keen to share his knowledge and experience through accessible training programmes.

As a NACE Lead Peer Reviewer and FICorr Fellow Member of the Institute of Corrosion, Brendan is widely known and respected within the industrial coating industry. Having published the books ‘Inspectors Visual Comparison Manual’, ‘Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Defects’ and ‘Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Surveys Coatings’ the name Fitzsimons is synonymous with excellence through the industry. Over the years the industry has relied on Brendan’s depth of knowledge as a Coatings Consultant and Technical Authority.

He has acted as an Expert Witness across the globe in industrial coating disputes in high court, arbitration and mediation. He has also been heavily involved in the investigation of paint failures and disputes on marine, offshore, petrochemical and construction industries as a subject matter expert and coatings advisor.

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