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SSPC Train the Painter training course in St Fergus
21 Dec 2016

First Trainthepainter course in St Fergus

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Ten of our colleagues at the Shell St Fergus Gas Terminal have successfully completed ‘Training the Painter’ (TTP) Bronze Applicator Course.

James Williamson, Ian Mcleman, Robert Higgins, Ronnie Park, Fraser Cantley, Wayne Buchan, Philip Coutts, Joshua Hogan, William Howe and Tony McCadden are our first painters within Wood Group to have successfully completed this new qualification.

Completed ahead of schedule, the course was delivered on site over the course of several weeks in a pre-planned programme that involved theoretical and practical sessions, including 730 questions on 6 modules. The theory was followed by practical sessions including mechanical preparation, application of coatings, setting up equipment, checking their PPE/RPE and taking WFT/DFT.

Mark Callaghan (Site Manager at St Fergus) said, “It has been a privilege to spearhead this type of training on site for our applicators, which has boosted their already high knowledge of the industrial painting industry. To be the first site here at St Fergus Gas terminal to have completed this training shows our commitment in supplying a first class product to our customers. I had a look through the training materials which were used and they were visually very good and informative, also the help and support from Derek Dargue from our head office in Gateshead has been fantastic. He has passed on his knowledge to our guys on site which can only be a good thing.” Derek Dargue (WGIS Trainer/Instructor) commented, “The workforce on site are a great bunch of painters with an abundant amount of knowledge and experience in the coatings industry spanning over 40 years. Each person took away enhanced knowledge, both practical and theoretical.”

“They welcomed the training and provided good input followed up by discussions of how standards and application techniques have changed over the years. We also enforced the attitude of why we complete the task to specification and to the highest standard.”

Here are some testimonials from our trainees:

Joshua Hogan, 4 years in the industry, found this course very informative from start to finish including health and safety and coating types. “The course improved my knowledge greatly.”

Wayne Buchan, 30 years in industry, “I liked how the course was set out allowing us to discuss parts where we required clarification and further information and detailed technical explanations. I enjoyed this course immensely.”

Ronnie Park, 40 years in industry, “I have been in this industry for a long time and still managed to come away with extra knowledge and insight that I did not expect. A good course for all levels of painters.”

Billy Howe, 18 years in industry, “I learned a lot more about the various standards used throughout the industry.”

Tony McCadden, 30 years in industry, “Great indepth course that improved my thinking about various preparation standards, pictorial and written.”

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