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Marine Coatings

Marine Coatings

As part of the SSPC Train the painter coating applicator training programme, an independently accredited training course in Marine Coatings has been developed in conjunction with Lloyds Register.

As ships will be subject to marine fouling, coatings are applied to the outside of the hull which will stop the ship from fouling and slowing the ship during service which dramatically increases fuel consumption.

All ships will have coated tanks, from the traditional ballast tanks to cargo tanks which may carry fuels and chemicals from one country to another. Coating suppliers have invested millions of dollars on coating technology that will ensure the tanks do not corrode or contaminate the cargo or that the hull does not get fouled while at sea or sitting at a berth.

It is therefore essential that the coatings are applied correctly and the surface preparation is in accordance with both regulations and the coating suppliers recommendations.

The coatings applicator should be trained and qualified to conduct the various types of surface preparation and apply coatings correctly.