Blast it!

abrasive blast cleaning

Blast it! Procedures around blast cleaning, which is one of the most effective methods for the removal of mill-scale and rust on steel surfaces, are described in an international standard that offers a handy pictorial reference for coatings surveyors, applicators and supervisors to follow. If not properly maintained and regularly treated with protective measures, most […]

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Coating Applicator Apprenticeship

protective coating apprenticeship

Journey of an apprentice   Starting at the bottom of the ladder may be daunting, but becoming an apprentice is the most important step anyone can take on their career journey. Our Training Director, David Eyre, did just that. Starting as an apprentice applicator, he learnt the basics, worked the tools, and developed a drive […]

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Corrodere launches apprenticeship scheme in style

protective coating apprenticeship

Corrodere launches apprenticeship scheme in style   At the Corrodere Academy we are committed to encouraging and developing the future of the Protective Coatings industry. So, we’ve partnered with Skills Training UK, and together we are bringing our Protective Coatings Applicator course to the UK apprenticeship scheme. Train the painter is the world’s leading industry […]

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