Coating Applicator Apprenticeship

protective coating apprenticeship

Journey of an apprentice   Starting at the bottom of the ladder may be daunting, but becoming an apprentice is the most important step anyone can take on their career journey. Our Training Director, David Eyre, did just that. Starting as an apprentice applicator, he learnt the basics, worked the tools, and developed a drive […]

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The science and technology behind an award winning coating

sherwin williams Sherwin-Williams’ Firetex FX6002

Award winning coatings at Sherwin-Williams The science & technology behind Firetex FX6002. Sherwin-Williams’ award-winning Firetex FX6002 intumescent passive fire protection enables unrivalled curing in hours as opposed to days. Launched across Europe in 2019 and awarded a 2021 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, this technology is gaining recognition as an efficient fire protective coating which […]

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Stunning Recycling Sculpture

galvanizing sculpture

Galvanizing an iconic recycling sculpture    A Merseyside business in the UK has lent a helping hand to an iconic community project designed to raise awareness of the important role recycling has on protecting the planet.   Merseyside Galvanizing Ltd, which is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest Hot-Dip Galvanising organisation in the […]

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Metal Coatings – How can they help you?

thermal metal spraying inspector

Thermal Metal Spraying   What it is thermal metal spraying?   Thermal spraying is a surface coating process that sprays metals, ceramics, and polymers onto the surface of another material. Thermal metal spraying has long been used in the protective coating industry particularly in the oil and gas sector. Our course has been specifically developed […]

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Increasing durability with Avantguard

avantguard protective coatings

How to increase durability with Avantguard protective coatings   By challenging the standards for corrosion protection, Avantguard activated zinc primers are significantly reducing application and maintenance costs on a wide range of industrial assets, from power stations and storage tanks to bridges and offshore windfarms. Greece’s largest ever energy production investment, the Ptolemais V power […]

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Maintaining standards

Close familiarity with international standards and test methods used in the protective coatings industry is a prerequisite for coating surveyors. Standards and test methods are relevant to assessing the condition of protective coatings and should be an integral part of the survey process, referenced and cited in the final report. They also provide the framework for a consistent method […]

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Measuring up

Measuring the thickness of a coating is important in the paint and corrosion protection industry, so surveyors should possess a good knowledge of the appropriate standards. Inspections during and after the paint application process have become the norm to preserve the life expectancy of bridges, marine vessels, pipelines and water tanks among a wide variety of structures. […]

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Bridging the coatings gap

Carrying out protective coating surveys for bridges requires specialist knowledge, good preparation and a flexible approach. Bridge types, which include beam, box girder, truss, arch, cable-stayed and suspension designs, are continuously exposed to the elements and therefore, may have to be treated with tough and long-lasting protective coatings. However, any coating needs to be assessed properly to […]

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Coating surveys on offshore platforms

Completing protective coating surveys on offshore platforms requires careful planning, close co-operation with operators and a co-ordinated approach. A coating survey is required to investigate the condition of a coating on an offshore platform. They can also be required to develop a maintenance painting specification, ensure compliance with guarantees and evaluate coating performance as an aid to specifications […]

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Surveying coatings in the offshore environment

Offshore oil and gas exploration and production platforms, which must operate in some of the harshest environments found on earth, are protected by high-performance coatings that must be routinely surveyed to check that they are performing effectively. The oil and gas industry has adopted various materials to construct its offshore structures. These include carbon steel, […]

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A brief Introduction to the Corrosion Management and its application benefits – by Ali Morshed (PhD, MSc, CEng, DIC)

Corrosion Management (CM) is a rather new concept and process whose international advent could be traced back to th publication of the UK Energy Institute’s book on the subject in May 2008 and the NACE International’s first CM book in 2012. Read more about the subject on page 16 here   […]

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Looking at New Innovative Ways of Delivering Training

Coronavirus has made us look at not only how we can deliver training but also how we examine the outcomes of the training delivered. We at the Corrodere Academy are looking at new innovative ways of delivering the best possible training experiences. As we entered a new decade I’ve had time to reflect on the […]

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Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel through International Paints Ltd has extended its strategic training alliance with Corrodere. They will be offering the SSPC Train the painter training and the SSPC C6, C7 & C12 certification schemes globally. They have a team of accredited trainers located in all business regions who will provide both the classroom and workshop training. […]

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AkzoNobel signs up as a SSPC Train the painter Global Affiliate

Mauricio Bannwart, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Protective Coatings business, said: “We are proud to announce the launch of the SSPC Train the painter programme. It means that we are able to share our expertise with the industry, and provide delegates with training of the highest quality, delivered by the people who best understand the products […]

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WG Beaumont welcomed to the SSPC Trainthepainter programme

W.G. Beaumont of Romford, Essex. UK are the next to join the movement of companies registering to the SSPC Trainthepainter programme. With the advanced theoretical and practical training, its recognition as a CSCS blue skills card and an ever expanding list of specifications it is featured in, W.G. Beaumont did not think twice about joining […]

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SSPC Trainthepainter assessed against NORSOK standard M-501

SSPC Trainthepainter has been independently assessed against the contents of the NORSOK Standard M-501 Edition 6, February 2012, and has been found to meet the requirements of section 10.2.2 of that standard with regard to the qualification of paint operators. For further information please contact Lucy Pavia Tel +44 1252 732223. […]

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New grit recovery unit

Airblast Eurospray has launched the AbVac Grit Recovery Unit, a portable abrasive recovery unit capable of removing anything from dust up to 50mm debris. Available with a wide range of flexible hoses, tools and extensions, this powerful suction unit allows operators to recover spilt abrasive quickly and efficiently, without the back-break of manual recovery. This […]

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