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Coating Applicator Apprenticeship

Level 2 Coating Applicator Apprenticeship

How it works

The duration of this apprenticeship is typically 14 months although this can vary depending on the individual. The delivery model will be flexible in relation to the requirements of the employer.

The benefits available to employers and Apprentices are as follows:

  • All training and assessments are held online and at the employer’s facility. No college day release required.
  • The training material is available to Apprentices for the 14 months of the Apprenticeship for revision purposes.
  • The Apprenticeship programme is either fully or 95% funded by the government.
  • On completion of the programme, the Apprentice will receive a Level 2 certification as a competent Industrial Coating Applicator Apprentices and will also receive a recognised, level appropriate, Train the painter ID card with CSCS hologram, valid for 5 years.

The Corrodere Academy and Skills Training UK are working in partnership to offer the Industrial coating applicator apprenticeship programme across England. Guaranteeing that all learning needs are being met in order to ensure successful progression against all elements of the Apprenticeship.

The Level 2 Industrial Coatings Applicator Apprenticeship standard will be delivered through a series of on-site visits, classroom based and online learning modules. The delivery model will be flexible in relation to the requirements of the employer.

To successfully complete the apprenticeship the learner needs to pass an End Point Assessment. This is an independent assessment which has several stages:

  • Practical test
  • Professional discussion

The EPA panel will comprise of an independent representative from the employer.

The required knowledge, skills and behaviour for a Level 2 Coatings Applicator


  • Health and safety regulations including, methods of safe working, requirement for access systems and safe working at height, hazard identification and mitigation, and the health, safety and environmental implications of substances used.
  • Legal requirements for protecting the environment.
  • The need to address the areas that require protection from the high pressured projectiles and other contaminants released in the corrosion protection process.
  • Types of industrial coating materials used and the different techniques and equipment used for surface preparation and coating application.
  • The safe use of the non-powered / powered equipment and tools used.
  • Causes of typical surface preparation and coatings defects – how they can be avoided and how they can be rectified.
  • Quality documents, reporting systems and the need to keep basic records (e.g. work diary) and to do basic calculations (e.g. for material coverage and usage).


  • Prepare and maintain working areas for undertaking work safely and effectively.
  • Use established safe manual and mechanical handling techniques to move equipment, material and waste.
  • Undertake the specified method of surface preparation of the steelwork and the specified method of protective coating application to the required standards.
  • Interpret and work to method statements, specifications, inspection and test plans.
  • Achieve the specified standard of work including the use of appropriate quality control measuring and test equipment, and instrumentation.
  • Identify surface preparation and coatings defects, and rectify defective work.
  • Identify and correctly use appropriate personal protective and respirator equipment ensuring that it is in good condition and working correctly.


  • Have a questioning attitude to work including to understanding the processes used, associated industrial trades and the need to embrace change to ensure best practice.
  • Be able to communicate effectively and work effectively with others.
  • Be able to think logically using clear and valid reasoning when making decisions.
  • Be motivated and accountable for following specified procedures and controls for planning and carrying out their work activities.
  • Be accountable for their health and safety, and the health and safety of others.

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The delivery model will be flexible in relation to the requirements of the employer.

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