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20 Jul 2020

Creating a bespoke coating training course for Edinburgh Council


The City of Edinburgh Council needed a bespoke coating inspector’s course because they did not want their team off-site for five full days to complete a course. They also did not want to have to pay for the team’s travel and accommodation at the nearest training centre in Aberdeen.

To organise the bespoke course, Meena Tipson, Global Account Manager at Corrodere, discussed the requirements with Jonathan James at the City of Edinburgh Council.

“Creating tailored courses means listening carefully to the client’s needs and discussing every little detail and wish to ensure we can pull together the perfect bespoke package for them,” said Meena.

Nine members of the council took all five modules of the ICorr Level 1/2 Coating Inspector Courses online (with seven members completing Level 1 and two members completing Level 2). The courses consist of 100% flexible online core and specialist modules that must be completed by passing a multiple-choice test.

A one-day practical and theoretical assessment must then be attended and passed with 70% to achieve the ICorr Level 1/2 certificates. The assessment centres are located around the globe, but students are now able to also take their assessments online following the launch of Corrodere’s new assessment software: Questionmark.

Based on the discussions with Jonathan, it was decided that the best course of action was to conduct the assessments at the council’s premises. The Corrodere team travelled up to the council’s facilities in Edinburgh for three days to carry out the one-day training workshops and two days of assessments. Following the course, the team were then fully certified.

Achieving this qualification means each team member is now able to work as a fully qualified coatings inspector. ICorr Level 1 personnel are qualified to carry out operations according to written instructions and have demonstrated the competence to set up and calibrate specific inspection or test equipment, carry out tests and perform inspections against written criteria, record and classify the results of tests and inspections against written criteria and, finally, report the results.

ICorr Level 2 personnel are qualified to perform and direct inspection or testing operations according to established or recognised procedures including IMO PSPC MSC.215 (82 requirements). They have demonstrated competence to choose the extent of inspection or testing to be used, choose the inspection and test methods to be used, set up and calibrate inspection or test equipment, perform and supervise inspection or testing tasks, interpret and evaluate results according to applicable normative documents, define the limitations of application for common test methods, understand and transform normative document requirements into practical instructions adapted to the actual working conditions and prepare written test instructions.


Enhancing skills without taking your team off-site

For busy teams that have a desire to enhance their current skills and improve their chances for professional advancement, this bespoke way of carrying out the courses offers many advantages.

However, what the team liked best about the bespoke package was that it allowed for immense flexibility. As the modules were carried out online, it fitted in easily with their work patterns and lifestyle because they could go back to the course and complete it at a time that suited them. They also really appreciated that they didn’t have to go off-site for five days to complete the course and could still get on with their day-to-day work!


If you would like to learn more about our ICorr courses or other coatings training courses, get in contact with Meena Tipson at meena@corrodere.com. We’d be happy to create a bespoke course to suit your requirements!

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